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Grateful Thankful Blessed Display

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Optional Reversible Display! Fall on one side and winter on the other!

Each beautifully crafted fall display is 12.5” inches tall and 6.5” inches wide. Stand included!

*Snowman accessories sold separately. Pick option 2 to include them!

Option 2 Included items:
Display stand
2 Buttons
2 Eyes
Coal for mouth

Grateful Thankful Blessed Sign with Stand

 *All pieces are Unpainted. They will not be attached to the snowman. They will have an adhesive backing on them. Just paint, peel off the sticker on the back and place on your snowman. No messy glue required. 

Each of these custom crafted displays are made from natural wood, so the wood grain and color will vary somewhat, making every fall display completely unique and one of a kind! Get yours now!